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Talking Points

Talking Points.


Need some help talking about the new brand image? We've gathered up some talking points to help you out!

How it all started.

  • In 2013, the Board of Directors and executive leadership approved an extensive brand audit conducted by Hill + Knowlton Strategies (H+K), a global public relations and communications strategy firm.
  • H+K found that while Unity plays a significant role in D.C.’s healthcare market, many residents and healthcare stakeholders do not recognize Unity Health Care as they do other similar healthcare organizations  that are smaller and serve fewer patients.
  • It was found that 67.1% of surveyed people do not recognize Unity’s logo (street intercepts near Unity Health Care locations, 158 talked to) and most of those that did see Unity as a place for the uninsured.

What's a brand?

  • A brand identity is the collection of the values, personality, attributes and promises the organization embodies – elements that are unlikely to change significantly, even if the way you do the work does change.
  • The brand serves as the linchpin for our stories, experiences and the way we connect internally and externally.

What's changing?

  • We are updating how we talk about ourselves and creating new visuals to help people better understand the benefits of receiving care at our healthcare sites.

Why now?

The brand refresh is only one piece of the larger changes Unity will be making to transform our organization for the future. In order to better position Unity Health Care, we need to focus on – and celebrate – our unique strengths:

  • We offer convenient and accessible healthcare to patients who desire compassionate and quality healthcare services.
  • We have the ability to bring much needed primary and specialty services together, under one roof, to better serve the needs of our patients.
  • We are a teaching community health care setting educating the next generation of medical providers.

Additionally, the new brand identity will help Unity remain competitive in the District’s healthcare marketplace to retain and attract healthcare and professional staff.