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Rebrand F.A.Q.

Your Unity Health Care Brand Questions Answered

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Q. Why now?

A. Simply put, Unity has evolved. We provide primary healthcare services in more than 20 sites around the District, offer clinical training and education, an array of specialty and social services at our sites and have greatly increased access with expanded hours and days of operation. A new brand identity will help us highlight our successes, strengthen and enhance our story in the healthcare marketplace. Revitalizing the Unity brand exhibits our commitment to embracing the future while keeping true to our core strengths of serving the men, women, and children in our communities.

Q. Why are we investing in this initiative now? Couldn’t the money be used towards facilities, equipment, or raises?

A. Often the first interaction a potential patient or staff member has with an organization is through a branded item such as a website, a flyer, or an advertisement.  So just like Unity has made investments to modernize our health centers and our information systems to attract and retain patients and staff, it is important that we invest resources to modernize our brand and our related marketing pieces. Like never before, Unity is facing increased competition. Updating our brand is an important part of attracting and retaining patients and staff. This in turn is one important way we will meet our  2017-2019 strategic goals of being financially strong and stable and recruiting and retaining a high functioning workforce.  

Q. Who played a role in developing the Unity brand strategy?

A. In 2013, over 54 interviews were conducted with staff members, patients, community members and Unity leadership. When we revisited the new branding strategy in early 2016, we quickly realized that information gathered in the 2013 was just as relevant within our workforce and community. For the past two years, we’ve held stakeholder meetings with staff across all departments, with members of the executive management team, the board of directors and Unity patients. All of the feedback received informed the redefining of the new Unity brand identity.

Q. Will there be any other changes to the names of departments or programs?

A. There are no anticipated major changes at this time, though we are taking the opportunity to develop naming standards for our health center locations. These standards will ensure consistency of site and location names across Unity Health Care and reduce confusion for our patients throughout the District. Watch for future communications containing more information.

Q. What changes can I expect that will affect my day-to-day work life?

A. We plan to make the transition to the new Unity brand as easy as possible. You will receive access to a full range of new support materials, including:

●     Updated ID badges, with the new logo

●     New computer screensavers and access to a branded PowerPoint template

●     New stationery, including letterhead, envelopes and business cards

●     New business forms

●     New brochures and brochure templates

If you have any questions pertaining to the branding strategy, please contact Angelica Journagin, VP of Planning and External Affairs at ajournagin@unityhealthcare.org. If you have questions about graphics, logos, creative design feel free to contact Nedra Davis at ndavis@unityhealthcare.org or Ana Zorrilla at azorrilla@unityhealthcare.org.

Q. How did we come up with this logo?

Our brand goes beyond colors or the logo. Like our services, it is built from the ground up and is a direct reflection of who we are as an organization. Our goal was to create an identity that stands for making a difference in people's lives and establishes an emotional connection with communities and healthcare professionals.

This logo plays off the U in Unity. The two abstract people make up one stem of the U. The people symbolize family and community, and they swirl together to illustrate becoming a part of Unity Health Care. This logo again uses the rounded lines, which brings a friendliness to the brand. The color blue symbolizes trust and loyalty. The logo also uses the orange-gold color, which is a nod to the original brand and the company’s heritage.

Q. How was the new tagline developed?

A. We wanted to focus on our broader goal of serving all members of our community with a commitment to delivering quality care within the patient-centered medical home model that reaches every facet of our patients healthcare needs. While we serve both individuals and families, as a community health center our mission is the promotion of healthier communities. By combining our commitment to patient-centered care and community health center mission we neatly arrive at “Healthier You. Healthier Communities.”

Q. When do these new branding changes begin?

A.  The official date to unveil the new brand identity is still being determined. However, we do expect it to happen in August 2018 at the same time as the launch of our new website. Staff will be kept informed on a regular basis on all branding related activities. Please check our timeline page as updates will be posted to keep staff aware of upcoming brand related activities.

Q. What does this all mean?

A. Unity Health Care is transforming the healthcare experience for people who may feel marginalized or that accessing excellent doctors, nurses, specialists, and healthcare professionals is beyond their reach. In creating our organization, we have always focused on what our patients have told us they want. Whatever they’re looking for — regular dental cleaning or seeing a specialist, prenatal checkup or urgent care, medication management or pediatrics — they find that our services consistently offer accessible whole person health. We tackle an increasingly complex healthcare system with a team of passionate and compassionate medical professionals and take the administrative roadblocks out of maintaining health and wellness. Unity has significantly evolved over time but past perceptions remain firmly entrenched. The new brand identity highlights Unity’s success, and seeks to strengthen and enhance our story in the healthcare marketplace. Most importantly, this initiative starts from within the organization.

Q. Will our pre-printed format with the old logo have to be changed by a certain date, or can we use them until we run out?

A. Use your existing forms until you run out. Our forms vendor will automatically include the new logo on all new orders. Policies will be edited to include the updated logo.

Q. What should we do with our current supply of letterhead, business cards, stationary, brochures, etc., with the “old” logo and messaging?

A. In August, we will officially transition to our newly branded materials. If, at the end of December you still have a supply of materials with the current branding, please plan to recycle them by placing them in bins available at each location.

Q. Who will pay for new stationary, brochure, business cards or forms?

A. After you’ve used your current supply, order new business stationary as you would any other office supply.

Q. How can I help educate patients and visitors about the new branding changes?

A. If patients ask questions about why we have a new logo or the reason behind the branding campaign, let them know that an important goal of Unity Health Care is to increase awareness of our primary and specialty services to new and existing patients and to better connect our healthcare sites and programs located within almost every ward of the District. Remind patients that we remain committed to them and to our mission which is why we asked current patients about the logo and tagline during the development.

Q. What can we expect to see when the new brand identity is introduced to the public and our patients?

A. We are in the beginning phases of developing a plan to introduce the new brand identity to our current and prospective Unity patients. We will rely heavily on staff within the health center’s to engage in conversations with patients to help them through the transition. More details on events and activities will be communicated as they develop and are posted on the internal website focused on the new brand identity project.

Q. What else is changing?

A. We’re in the process of building a new website at www.unityhealthcare.org that will be easier to navigate, highlight our services and offerings, educate our patient base and communicate our values in a clean, user-friendly design. This project involves a team of staff that represents each department at Unity to gain input and feedback on the design and build of the new website to meet our collective goals.

Q. When will all the facilities signage be updated?

A. We will begin with the largest health centers who have installed hardware signs during August 2018.

●        Anacostia Health Center

●        Brentwood Health Center

●        Parkside Health Center

●        Upper Cardozo Health Center

The remaining health sites will have exterior and interior signage replaced by the end of 2018.