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Message from CEO

Dear Unity Health Care family,

I’m excited to announce that we are launching a new brand identity for Unity Health Care – building off our past to better define who we are in Washington, DC and how we want to be known. The exponential growth Unity has undergone in the past few years to increase quality and access to health care for District residents, marks the time to move our vision forward of becoming the first choice health care provider and attracting and retaining top talent in our workforce.

In this era of health care reform, our patients have increasing options when looking for a health care provider. Our Board of Directors recognized that the health care market was changing and approved an extensive brand audit exactly three years ago. The market research and analysis conducted by the communications firm we hired found that while Unity plays a significant role in D.C.’s healthcare market, many residents and healthcare stakeholders do not recognize Unity Health Care as they do other similar healthcare organizations that are smaller and serve fewer of patients. We have to change that.

Our humble and inspired beginnings as Health Care for the Homeless Project provided the necessary groundwork to allow us to grow into the lively organization we are today – serving over 106,000 patients a year through 600,000 primary and specialty care visits.  Better defining our brand honors our past as we move into this new era at Unity Health Care of patient-centered and value-based care. Our beginnings and the work that came in between will serve as an anchor in our remarkable timeline of accomplishments.

As part of our new brand, you will see some changes as we move throughout the year– a redesigned logo, new tagline, new signage, new email signature, and a newly integrated website, to name a few. Our new brand will focus on the strengths of Unity Health Care as the cornerstone for a variety of connected services for all District residents who need and want compassionate, convenient, accessible and quality primary and specialty health care services. 

Working together, we can embody our values while changing to embrace the future and promise of Unity Health Care.


Vincent A. Keane
President and CEO