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Unity Email Restoration Effort - Email 2

We are still working on a large failure that  occurred with email system over the weekend.

As a temporary measure, please use Outlook Web Access (OWA) to send and receive email. Copy and paste the following link in your internet browser to access mail - https://mail.unityhealthcare.org. The domain name is unity.  You can also click on the the mail link on the Unity weblinks page to access email.

In order to establish the ability to send and receive e-mail as quickly as possible, we had to create a new email for everyone.  Currently in the new email box you will not see your contacts, calendar or old email. We are still investigating what we can restore from the old email and will update you as we learn more. 

If you need help with email, please contact the IT Support team at 202-299-1700 or via email at ITSupport@unityhealthcare.org. We are sorry for the challenges that this has caused and are working diligently to repair the system.

Nedra Davis